Local Restaurants



8539 Fredericksburg Rd

A northwest San Antonio favorite, Aldo's offers good, old-fashioned Italian food in a pretty, old-fashioned setting. You can enjoy your meal outside on a tree-shaded patio or inside a 100-year-old former ranch house in one of a series of Victorian dining rooms.




2501 N. St. Mary's St

Demo's is a little bit of Greece in San Antonio. Located across the street from a Greek Orthodox church, it's a favorite among members of the local Greek community.


Little Rhein Steak House


231 S. Alamo

If you're looking for a steakhouse that's on the River Walk, or one that's homey and less formal, this place will work for you. The restaurant has a terraced dining area on the river, which is quite popular. Or you can eat indoors the old stone house that dates from 1847.


Los Barrios


4223 Blanco Rd

This very popular Tex-Mex joint has been around since the '70s, when it first opened in a former Dairy Queen. Remnants of a big expansion in the '80s can still be in seen in the peach-and-green color combination. All in all, it has the unpretentiousness necessary for popular local restaurants in San Antonio.




320 Beauregard St

This colorful, sprawling storefront attracts everyone from nouveau hippies to buttoned-down office workers, to the occasional clutch of housewives out for lunch. They come for Age-of-Aquarius-meets-south-of-the-border food: granola bowls and breakfast burritos in the morning, veggie and deli sandwiches for lunch, and pork tamales in the evening.


Mi Tierra


218 Produce Row

If you've come to San Antonio with the idea of tasting traditional Tex-Mex, this is a great place. Sure, you do see out-of-towners finding their way here because the restaurant is so famous, but you see a lot more locals than anybody else -- locals who know their city and know their restaurants.


Olmos Pharmacy


3902 McCullough Ave

When was the last time you drank a rich chocolate malt served in a large metal container -- with a glass of whipped cream on the side? Grab a stool at Olmos's Formica counter and reclaim your childhood. Olmos Pharmacy, opened in 1938, also scoops up old-fashioned ice-cream sodas, Coke or root beer floats, sundaes, and banana splits.


Rolando's Super Tacos


919 W. Hildebrand

Rolando's is one of the many small businesses that pack both sides of West Hildebrand between I-10 and Trinity University. It offers further proof that once you get out of the downtown tourist zone, you'll find San Antonio a dining bargain.




424 E. Commerce St

This place looks like it has been here since they built the Alamo. The large, open room with its worn wooden booths is classic. It's a good place to stop, rest your feet, and enjoy a hearty bowl of split-pea soup or a piece of the signature cherry cheesecake. They also make a mean Reuben sandwich.


The Filling Station


701 S. St. Mary's St

If you get a little hungry while wandering about the King William district, try this tiny place where you can get quality food for not much money. A young couple, Stacie and Jon Rowe, make soups and salads and bake bread and pizza in this old abandoned gas station. Everything here is made from scratch.


Tip Top Café


2814 Fredricksburg Rd

Comfort food is the draw here. Favorites include chicken-fried steak (and the chicken-fried steak sandwich), fried shrimp, and onion rings, not to mention the meatloaf on Thursdays, and chicken and dumplings -- the ultimate in comfort food -- served on Fridays starting at 5pm and ending sometime on Saturday when it runs out.




995 S. Alamo St

This is one of several typical neighborhood joints that have existed here since before the area started to get trendy. If you're there in the morning, the best deal is three breakfast tacos for $2. For lunch or dinner, the thing to order is the enchiladas. The Tejanas with chili gravy, the verdes, and the chipotle cream are all worthy selections.


Twin Sisters


6322 North New Braunfels Ave.

This bakery/cafe isn't a bad choice if you've overindulged on Tex-Mex during your stay and are looking for something light and wholesome. Eggless and meatless doesn't mean tasteless here; you can get great Greek salads, spicy tofu scrambles, and salsa-topped veggie burgers. Carnivores can also indulge in the likes of ham, pastrami, and salami sandwiches.




3214 Broadway St

Talk about Pan-Asian. The sign outside announces that Van's is a "Chinese Seafood Restaurant and Sushi Bar," but you'll also find Vietnamese dishes on the huge menu. The dining room is low-key but appealing, with crisp green-and-white cloth table coverings. If you like seafood, go for the shrimp in a creamy curry sauce or the fresh crab with black-bean sauce.




202 N. Presa St

Ask locals about this restaurant and wine bar and you'll hear about the Zinc burger, popularly known as the "crack burger" because it's supposedly so addictive. In fact, it could be habit-forming (smoked cheddar, Bibb lettuce, and spicy tomato aioli), but don't order it as such -- the restaurant staff has heard it before and isn't fond of the moniker.


Casa Rio


430 E. Commerce St

This place has an excellent location, not as crowded as most, and, so long as you stick to the Tex-Mex classics, you'll do fine. Steer clear of the tortilla soup and the tamales (which aren't really a Tex-Mex forte) and go with something like flautas, enchiladas, tacos, or fajitas. Enjoy. This is San Antonio, after all, and you're supposed to do these things.


Chris Madrids


1900 Blanco

This is a fun, down-home hamburger joint where Tex-Mex meets Americana. It's been around forever and is known for its extra-large "macho" burger, which is a supersized version of any of their standard burgers.



Tel:210/222-CENA [222-2362]

146 E. Houston St

This restaurant on the River Walk below the Hotel Valencia is a collaboration between Lisa Wong of Rosario's and Bruce Auden of Biga. It's a large, casual restaurant decorated in bold, modern Mexican colors. You can dine indoors or outdoors on a couple of terraces above the river. 


County Line


111 W. Crockett St

This place serves the best barbecue on the River Walk. It's a well-known outfit from Austin that doesn't take shortcuts, cooks everything slowly with indirect heat, and does a good job with side dishes. The kitchen also bakes its own bread, an uncommon occurrence at bbq joints.


Guenther House


205 E. Guenther St

 Hearty breakfasts and light lunches are served both indoors -- in a bright, cheerful old-style dining room added on to the Guenther family residence (1860) -- and outdoors on a trellised patio. If you're looking for the maximum old southern experience, order the biscuits and gravy, but if you're not in the mood for something different, the waffles and pancakes are quite good.


La Gloria


100 E. Grayson

If you're not going to Mexico (and these days, who is?) you can still enjoy that country's delicious street food at this attractive, playfully decorated eatery at the Pearl Brewery. Get in line to place your order from a wide-ranging menu that includes dishes from across the country. On the back of the menu is a bit of explanation of the different items, and the staff is happy to explain further.




713 S. Alamo

The menu incorporates dishes from all over Latin America, which is known for, among other things, dishes highlighting fresh tropical ingredients, bright colors, and bold flavors. There's a large sampling of Caribbean dishes, several of which include characteristic ingredients of the region, such as brightly colored achiote and fried plantains. From South America you have the grilled meats of southern Brazil and Argentina, as well as some delicious Bolivian empanadas.


Paesano's Riverwalk


111 W. Crockett, Suite 101

This River Walk incarnation of a longtime San Antonio favorite relinquished its old Chianti bottle-kitsch decor for a soaring ceiling, lots of inscrutable contemporary art, and a more up-to-date menu. Standouts among the pricier entrees include the grilled pork chops with potato gnocchi or the sautéed sea bass with eggplant and lemon butter.


Paloma Blanca


5800 Broadway St

On the menu are some great soups, such as the cream soup flavored with poblano chile (if you like that combination of cream and poblano but want to forgo a soup course, try the pollo en crema poblana). Several mainstays of Mexican cooking are offered: enchiladas in a dark, earthy mole sauce, or in a tangy salsa verde; steak a la tampiqueña (which must be the most commonly found menu item in Mexico); and a red snapper cooked in the style of Veracruz.


Sushi Zushi


203 S. Saint Mary's St

For a Japanese food fix in a congenial atmosphere, you can't beat this clean, well-lit place. You'll find sushi in all its variety, including a My Spurs roll -- yellowtail, cilantro, avocado, chives, and serro chilies -- but far more is on the menu.


Thai Restaurant


1709 Babcock Rd

The cooking is marvelous at this small, family-owned restaurant in a small strip center just outside Loop 410. The menu offers many of Thailand's most famous dishes, and these are cooked with great care and fresh ingredients.


Tre Trattoria


4003 Broadway St

This restaurant on Broadway is the perfect place to enjoy a leisurely meal. Casual and modern, with a cozy bar/lounge and a good selection of wines, you can get comfortable in the overstuffed chairs while you wait for your table. Sit inside in a well-lit, not-too-noisy dining room or outside on an inviting deck sufficiently distant from the street noise.




421 E. Commerce St

Everybody loves this old standby on the River Walk. The kitchen uses fresh local ingredients -- Gulf Coast seafood, Texas beef, Hill Country produce -- and the preparations and presentations do them justice. The setting is also out of the ordinary, in a turn-of-the-20th-century limestone building with hardwood floors and a handmade mesquite wood bar. 




1000 S. St. Mary's St

Inside a brightly colored modest frame house that's slightly off square is a small kitchen and dining room where you can get delicious genuine Mexican food. The owner is a Mexican woman from the northern state of Coahuila, but she enjoys cooking the classic dishes of central and southern Mexico.


Liberty Bar


1111 S. Alamo St

The Liberty Bar has just completed the move from the old, leaning saloon building on Josephine Street to its new location on South Alamo. Bread is made in house and is used in the classic bread pudding with hard sauce. The Liberty Bar is a great option for vegetarians.




910 S. Alamo

This colorful restaurant is a favorite meeting place for happy hour and dinner. The ceviche (whitefish, onions, and jalapeños marinated in lime juice) tastes fresh, or the fish tacos would make for a good light meal. For something more substantial, you have several options, including the chicken chipotle or the chile relleno.




1133 Austin Hwy

For my money, this is one of the best places for fine dining when you want something other than French food. The menu changes often, but some representative examples include the chipotle marinated pork tenderloin with white cheddar andouille grits and peach chutney, the crab spring rolls with shiitake mushrooms and tantalizing dipping sauces.


Bistro Vatel


218 E. Olmos Ave

You can't go wrong with the rich escallop of veal with foie gras and mushrooms, and fans of sweetbreads will be pleased to find them here beautifully prepared in truffle crème fraîche sauce. Your best bet is the prix-fixe dinner; choose one each from four appetizers (perhaps shrimp vol au vent) and entrees such as roasted quail, then enjoy the dessert of the day.




7701 Broadway

Year in and year out, this restaurant serves outstanding food with admirable consistency. Consider caramelized pork ribs with a spicy sauce; the delicate and crispy spring rolls of shrimp, pork, and mushrooms; or a zesty crab salad with avocado. Entrees might include baked sea bass in truffle oil with artichoke hearts, or a duck breast cooked in a sauce of green peppercorns and cognac. The large wine list is mostly French and Californian.


II Sogno


200 E. Grayson

The daily menu offers pastas, pizzas, and main courses, and there are always some specials. The ingredients are fresh and of the highest quality, and the wine list is an extensive exploration of Italy's winemaking culture. Il Sogno has only 19 tables indoors and doesn't take reservations, but you can call ahead to be put on the waiting list.


Las Canarias


112 College St

This is the perfect place for celebrating either a special occasion or the simple fact that you're wandering free in San Antonio. At night the multi-tiered dining room is softly lit and in the background you hear someone strumming a Spanish guitar. The menu changes seasonally and is fairly adventurous, with a flair for presentation, but you will always find some standard options such as beef tenderloin or a traditional pasta.i




212 W. Crockett St

This riverside restaurant at the Mokara Hotel has some outdoor tables on a lovely spot on the river, and a large, modern dining room with comfortable booths. The menu changes every 2 months, though it will always have seafood favorites, such as pan-seared flounder. And there will always be non-seafood offerings, such as a Kobe beef burger or a vegetarian pasta. Also of note is the large selection of tequilas (about 65).




200 E.Grayson St

Using various suppliers, the restaurant receives 10 to 15 kinds of oysters flown in from the East and West coasts. Lobster, caviar, diver scallops -- the sea's bounty is rarely so well represented. The top half of the daily menu celebrates to the sea in its purest state: oysters on the half shell, sashimi, boiled shrimp, and ceviche. There's a nod to a few traditional dishes, too: chowder, lobster rolls, fish and chips, and whole fried fish.


Biga on the Banks


203 S. St. Mary's St

This is one of the only fine-dining spots on the River Walk worth visiting. Biga on the Banks serves international cuisine with a nod to local flavors. Fittingly, it's located on the ground floor of the International Center building. 




219 E. Houston St

Considered by many to be the best steakhouse in the state, Bohanan's has everything a proper Texas steakhouse should: comfortable chairs, white tablecloths, lots of dark woodwork, and a good bar. The upstairs dining room (with elevator) has an air of establishment, soft lighting, and a hint of nostalgia for the good old days. The cuts of prime beef come




910 S. Alamo

Lively local chain serving classic & creative Mexican dishes, plus cocktails, in a trendy setting.


Restaurant Gwendolyn

Tel: 210/222-1849

152 E. Pecan

Fixed-price menus of locally sourced, upscale American fare, prepared without motorized machines.


Morton's Steakhouse

Tel: 210/228-0700

300 E. Crockett

Upscale chain for aged prime beef, seafood & other traditional steakhouse fare in a clubby space.



Tel: 210/227-5853

John Besh’s chic brasserie offers French-German fare with New Orleans touches, a raw bar & a patio.


Fig Tree

Tel: 210/224-1976

515 Villita

Historic spot with upscale cuisine from beef Wellington to baked Alaska, fine wines & river views.


Citrus Restaurant

Tel: 210/230-8412

150 E. Houston

Hotel Valencia’s New American eatery offers eclectic fare & fine wines in a chic, riverside setting.


Chart House

Tel: 210/223-3101

739 E. Cesar E. Chavez

Located in Downtown San Antonio and within walking distance of some of the area's most well-known attractions such as the Riverwalk and the Alamo, the restaurant is perfect for a night on the town.


Casa Rio

Tel: 210/225-6718

430 E. Commerce

Pioneering River Walk destination with classic Tex-Mex fare, margaritas & outdoor dining since 1946.


BITE Restaurant 

Tel: 210/532-2551

1012 S. Presa

Stylish eatery featuring French-Chilean small plates served in colorful, artsy surrounds.



Tell: 210/225-2547

1012 S. Presa

Stylish eatery featuring French-Chilean small plates served in colorful, artsy surrounds.



Tel: 210/354-1024

1024 S. Alamo

Stylish New American eatery with an eclectic menu, unique cocktails, patio dining & a buzzy brunch.


Hot Joy

Tel: 210/368-9324

1014 S. Alamo

Happening locale with eclectic, colorful decor offers creative Asian dishes & cocktails.


La Focaccia Italian Grill

Tel: 210/223-5353

800 S. Alamo

Warm, window-filled eatery offering seafood, wood-fired pizza, focaccia, wine & more, plus a patio.


La Tuna Grill

Tel: 210/212-5727

100 Probandt

Relaxed, artsy mainstay with burgers, nachos, fish tacos, outdoor dining & an adjacent beer garden.


The Station Café

Tel: 210/444-2200

108 King William

Jon & Stacie Rowe started out in a 300 sq ft gas station in  December of 2006. They have since expanded into 3000 sq ft. of space, turning the small gas station into a tap room. They offer house made bread, pizza, dressings, soup and desserts. The Tap Room offers 25 beers on draft some local and some just our favorites.


Boiler House

Tel: 210/354-4644

312 Pearl Parkway

Industrial-chic eatery offers gourmet American dishes & fine wines in an open, airy historic venue.



Tel: 210/314-3929

306 Pearl Parkway

Buzzy, rustic-chic restaurant serving charcuterie-focused New American cuisine & craft cocktails.



Tel: 210/554-6484

312 Pearl Parkway

Imaginative Latin American cuisine & craft cocktails are the draw at this warm, contemporary eatery.


Smoke Shack

Tel: 210/957-1430

3714 Broadway

Hopping counter-service place with a rustic, retro feel offers BBQ sandwiches, platters & sides. 


Southerleigh Fine Food & Brewery

Tel: 210/455-5701

136 E. Grayson #120

This eatery serving Texas cuisine in a historic space also offers a second-story microbrewery.


Viola's Ventanas

Tel: 210/684-9660

9660 Westover Hills Blvd

Spacious, airy eatery serving upscale Mexican cuisine in an old-world setting with outdoor seating


Two Step Restaurant & Cantina

Tel: 210/688-2686

9840 TX-1604 Loop

Texas-inspired cuisine, oak-roasted meats & margaritas in a restored homestead with outdoor dining.


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